The Kids Rock workshop offers young beginner rockers a fun and collaborative introduction to making music in a band context (guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and singing)!

During this week we will learn foundational musical concepts like rhythm, tempo, pitch, song form and focused listening. We will share our favorite songs and learn to play a chosen cover song.

In a band, social skills are just as crucial. The Kids Rock workshop will also focus on developing skills for positive collaboration such as teamwork, listening, sharing and taking responsibility for a common goal.

At the end of the week we will play our cover song to our most passionate fans – our parents 🙂

Depending on the demand, the kids will be divided into age and ability groups, usually 9-11 / 12-15 / 15-18.

No experience needed. Beginner rockers are welcome!


Ages 9 to 18
4-6 kids in a band
Duration: 1 week (Monday to Friday)
Where: “Le Sonar” studio,
1 Av. Cagnoli, 06100 Nice Nord

Price 250€
Payment upon reservation


The electric guitar can become so much more than just a guitar! with the use of different amps and effect pedals, you can create many ambiences, colors, and textures – the sky’s the limit!

The Sound & Gear workshop is your gateway to the exciting world of the electric guitar, amps and effects pedals. Our goal is to better understand how each element in the chain works and how they all interact. You will learn about the different types of amps and pedals, hear how they sound, and try out different combinations to get a feel for how they work together.

Whether you are just curious, already have experience or are in the middle of recording your masterpiece and want to understand better how to achieve those sounds you imagine in your head, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get inspired and broaden your electric guitar horizons.

No experience needed, just your ears and imagination!


Ages 12 and up
Limited to 7 participants
Where: “Le Sonar” studio,
1 Av. Cagnoli, 06100 Nice Nord

Price 50€
Payment upon reservation