The lessons

“Music has healing power, it has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours” – Sir Elton John –

Why do we “play” an instrument? For me the answer is clear, we are here to have fun, to experiment. Like a child plays with toys and explores, totally immersed in the moment with zero self-judgment. He knows, by instinct, that in order to learn he will try and fail, all he needs is a bit of guidance and support !

Since I started teaching, my approach has greatly evolved. Today, after years of experience, I know – it’s a journey we take together. In order for me to be the best teacher for you I need to discover what inspires you, where you excell naturally and where your challenges lie. We will be using songs and styles you love to explore techniques and theory. I use my intuition and experience to tailor the lessons to your desires and needs, while supporting and inspiring you to dive deeper.

Acquiring a new technique is exciting, it opens doors to new perceptions, helps you build new habits and become aware of old ones that might hold you back. During our sessions, I will encourage you to pay attention to your posture, body and mind, as well as to focus on playing with intention. You will gain confidence, connecting to a place of self-belief, which I believe is a key element in playing guitar – and in life!

I care about creating meaningful connections, it is at the core of our human needs. It’s important for me that my students come with a smile, eager to learn and leave with an even bigger one, satisfied and motivated!


I teach in Nice (studio “Le Sonar” or at your place, depending on your location)
as well as online (Zoom, Skype etc.)

At your place : 30 mins – 30€ / 1 hour – 50€
In the studio : 30 mins – 25€ / 1 hour – 40€
(additional payment for studio – 30 mins – 5€ / 1 hour – 10€)
Online : 30 mins – 25€ / 1 hour – 40€

(price per person)
At your place : 30 mins – 25€ / 1 hour – 35€
In the studio : 30 mins – 20€ / 1 hour – 30€
(additional payment for studio per group – 30 mins – 5€ / 1 hour – 10€)
Online : 30 mins – 25€ / 1 hour – 35€

(price per person)
At your place : 30 mins – 20€ / 1 hour – 30€
In the studio : 30 mins – 18€ / 1 hour – 25€
(additional payment for studio per group – 30 mins – 5€ / 1 hour – 10€)
Online : 30 mins – 20€ / 1 hour – 30€

Longer lessons are available,
contact me to discuss your needs.

Dive deeper into your practice and work specifically on what you need to take your playing to the next level.
Themes include : Technique, articulation, speed development, rhythm, music theory,
genre-specific exploration, body and mind awareness, band coaching, songwriting…

At your place : 120€
In a studio : 150€

Group (up to 4 people)
In a studio : 270€

All about amplifiers, effect pedals, and how they work together.
Lets create your own unique sound!

At your place : 110€
In a studio : 130€

– Gift cards are available upon request –

All ages and levels are welcome.
Lessons are in English or French.

Feel free to contact me for more information.