About me

Hello I’m Tom,

I was born in sunny Tel-aviv and my love story with music started when I was 10 years old. My father used to say that “music is one of the best gifts a person could have in life”. I was young but I felt the man knew what he’s talking about (thanks dad!). I tried several instruments before choosing the guitar, little did I know this decision would change my life.

Growing up in the 90s I was exposed to an explosion of innovative bands, new styles, and virtuoso guitar players. At home classical music was playing while in my Walkman it was mostly Rock, Metal and Grunge.
I wanted to learn it all – The songs, the riffs, the solos. Mostly self taught, I have spent hours in my room devouring albums, working on my technique and learning everything I could about music ! The more I played, the more curious I got about other genres, adding Folk, Blues and Funk to my repertoire.

I realized that music was a great way for me to connect, to myself and to others. In my 20s, while studying design and working as a gym instructor, I collaborated with many musicians and bands in the local Pop/Rock scene, recording, playing live, and teaching guitar.
Eager to discover new cultures and other ways of living, I also traveled. I was exposed to new ideas about body and mind, which sparked my interest in mindfulness and holistic practices.

In 2009, love brought me to France. I moved to Paris to continue my journey in this exciting city ! Apart from learning French, I was determined to connect with local musicians. I had the pleasure to collaborate with talented and inspiring people, play live and record music !
After working for an airline for a while (which allowed me to keep exploring the world !), I decided to teach guitar full-time. During 10 years, I had the chance to work individually with many students of all ages and grew a lot from those exchanges.
I was also fortunate to join the Park Slope Rock School community as a band coach for young musicians (on their way to stardom!), which was very fulfilling !
Throughout this period, I trained as a Yoga instructor and kept exploring meditation and breathwork. These practices brought me more awareness, which naturally enriched my approach to teaching.

Now based in Nice, I’m excited to keep developing my vision and share my experience to accompany new or experienced musicians on their unique journey !