Guitar lessons in Nice

Discover Yourself throught guitar practice

I invite you to learn guitar and connect to music in a unique way, through fun, experimentation and the freedom to express yourself wholeheartedly.

With my guidance, you will explore different technical aspects, and develop self awareness to body, breath and mind which is key to playing from a place of calm and flow.

Based on years of experience, and sensitivity to my students’ needs and challenges, I will adapt my approach wherever you are on your musical journey.

Je donne aussi des cours en Français

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What my students say

I’ve been working with Tom for about 9 months now and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Tom is patient and kind and really knows how to push you outside of your comfort zone just the perfect amount to take you to the next level. I take 3 hour lessons and they fly by. Each time, I come to the lesson excited to play and leave even more excited and passionate to learn. Tom is very knowledgeable and you can clearly see how much he loves music and loves to teach. I plan on sticking with him for years to come!



Tom’s talent with a guitar is matched only by his friendliness, warmth and ability to teach. He is able to make me feel like I can achieve all that I want to with a guitar in a completely natural way that isn’t forced at all. As someone who had taught himself for the best part of 2 years, I can only say that I wish I had teamed up with Tom much, much sooner. He does not force songs or lessons upon you, he is much more interested in discovering what music makes you tick, and what sort of guitarist you want to become – and helping you achieve it. What’s more, his passion feeds yours and means that practicing is never a chore. He is a brilliant guitarist and an excellent teacher.



Learning guitar with Tom has been great. He’s patience personified, and also manages to make slogging through the repetitive things necessary for a beginner like me fun and engaging. He mixes theory and prac together well, and structures the lessons in a way so that you get a good blend of the required steps with what’s waiting for you just over the next hill (musically speaking).
What more can I say – I recommend him highly!



Tom has been my teacher since my very first guitar lesson six years ago up to today. He is a rare “true” teacher — one of the best I’ve ever had in any discipline. He knows how to listen with real empathy to the specific needs of his students and their circumstances in life, what they want out of guitar and music, and how they learn best…and figures out how to adapt to them to move their minds and continuously motivate them. Whatever their situation (and mine was not the easiest one), he is able to listen to the whole person to give them the right tools to make learning guitar a fulfilling experience. He’s consistent and passionate, has a wealth of life experience and is a pleasure to be around.

All this is directly from my own experience: Six years after my first guitar lesson with Tom, I play in two bands, I have played two dozen live gigs and I’ve taken up bass and piano on the side. And I keep having Tom as a companion in my musical journey. I can’t thank him enough!



I’ve worked directly with Tom and have been referring students to him for many years now, always with great success. Tom is a phenomenal teacher – he develops a deep connection with his students and creates a positive environment where students feel motivated and inspired. And to top it all off, he’s a killer guitarist. It’s a shame we can only give 5 stars!



Tom is a great teacher and a talented musician. He made me feel at ease and answered all my questions not to mention I felt like I was Jimi Hendrix after only a couple lessons. It’s Tom’s talent to make you feel you can play easily and more importantly to have fun with your instrument. He is kind, friendly and patient. Thanks to him I’m not afraid to grab my guitar and play songs for my friends. I highly recommend him!



I met Tom back in February 2019. I had just gone through a traumatic experience in life and had decided to learn a new instrument. He was warmly recommended to me as a guitar teacher and I soon discovered why: learning to play guitar (which is by far not the easiest instrument to learn) with Tom was unlike any previous experience I had had in life. Though very thorough and precise in terms of theory, Tom has this unfathomable ability to make everything fun, even the dreariest exercises. He is extremely nice and encourages you and boosts your confidence. He manages to make every step you need to take to become a good guitarist literally enthralling. He has been my guitar teacher for a little over three years now and has supported me in the whole of my music evolution, including giving me his (precious) advice and help with my rock bands. I would not dream of a better person to teach me, from both a human and professional standpoint. I am very happy to be, in turn, recommending him not warmly but unconditionally to anyone who wants to learn!



I give Tom my strongest and most enthusiastic recommendation! Tom is a fabulous guitarist, an incredible teacher, and a wonderful person. Tom has a gift: not only can he play any song as soon as he first listens to it, but he is also somehow able to miraculously teach in a very simple way even the most difficult songs. I find myself many times telling him: “Tom, this piece is above my skill level” and he proves me wrong each time. In 6 months of working with Tom, I made more progress than in years of learning to play by myself watching YouTube videos etc. The zoom lessons work for me like a charm, even better than in person lessons. Tom makes a video recording summary after every lesson that is super helpful when you practice later. With his infinite patience, good nature, encouraging style, and amazing ability to notice every little detail, Tom will take your guitar playing to the next level. My weekly hour with him has quickly become one of the most precious hours of my week.