Hi I’m Tom
and guitar is my greatest passion

I’m an active guitar teacher and musician living in Nice. I teach, write, compose and rock with my band.

I took my first musical steps at the age of 10. I was lucky enough to try many different instruments like the flute, violin and drums until I finally settled on the guitar. Little did I know this decision would change my life!

During my teenage years, the great 90s, rock, metal and grunge became more and more popular and many new guitar virtuosos surfaced, exposing me to new playing styles and techniques I never heard before and igniting my imagination. I wanted to learn them all – The songs, the riffs, the solos.
I have spent countless hours in my room listening to cassettes (yes cassettes) of my favorite bands, playing and rewinding, working on my technique, finding chords, reading music books and magazines (if only there was YouTube back then), basically doing everything I can to master the guitar and sound as good as those guitar gods I admired so much.

Fast forward a few years later, I decided it’s finally time to step out of my room, breath some fresh air and put those skills I’ve been working so hard on into action. I have played with many musicians and bands, live and in the studio and got even more addicted to that rush you get when you play or record something well!

Being surrounded by musicians and teaching an occasional friend has made me increasingly aware of two things – I love being around people and I love sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for guitar and music. That’s when it all clicked – I just knew I had to teach guitar!
Today, after more than 10 years of teaching, I’m still as enthusiastic and driven as that day it all clicked, even more. I love what I do and honestly believe that I do it good.

Let me share my passion with you!
Meanwhile you can follow me on my Facebook page or YouTube channel.