My way… (How I teach)

I have always had a clear idea of how I wanted my lessons to be conducted: that is, in a fun, light and relaxed environment. I want my students to come with a smile and leave with an even bigger one!

The exciting world of music and guitar is diverse, and there are many things to learn. I pride myself on being able to spot what my student needs and adapt to that. I will teach you what you need to know in order to play the music you want to play. I don’t follow a strict method but rather use my sensitivity and experience to tailor the lesson to your desires and needs, while supporting and inspiring you to dive deep.

We will be using the songs and styles you love to learn new techniques, chord progressions, solos, train your ears and expand your musical theory and vocabulary.
I will also encourage you to frequently pay attention to your posture, body and mind in order to develop healthy, stress-free playing habits and make the practice much more fun and efficient.

My lessons suit players of all levels and ages and cover many styles and techniques. Beginners – this is your opportunity to start in a way I truly believe is the right one. Advanced players – we will use what you already know or challenges you face, and grow from there!
Lastly, Lessons can be recorded, for your convenience, and sent to you by mail for referral at home.

« Music has healing power, it has the ability to take people
out of themselves for a few hours »    – Elton John –

First free lesson

In this lesson, we will get to know each other a bit, evaluate your current level, discuss your expectations and what you want to achieve, and set our first few goals accordingly.
We will also learn a bit about the guitar and how it works, start getting familiar with your optimal playing posture and learning to recognize unwanted stress and muscular tension, in order to lay the foundations for healthy and efficient practicing. I will give you some basic technique and warmup exercises to practice at home and prepare for our next meeting.

The lesson is 30 min long and can be extended to a full hour for half the price of a normal lesson.
Let’s meet !

Prices, info, conditions etc.

English and Franglish (French with an occasional mistake here and there :)

All ages are welcome, no discrimination :)

Complete beginners to advanced players – I got something for all of you.

Rock, Folk, Blues (my personal favorite), Funk, Indie and Pop

Electric, acoustic and Classic

Pick (plectrum), fingerpicking, hybrid picking

In Nice and the surroundings.
At the comfort of your own home or at my studio (a bit cheaper). Please pay attention to the different working hours for each option.
Online lessons via Zoom, Skype etc. are also available.

Monday to Friday 10h – 21h, Saturdays 10h – 17h
Lesson at my studio: Monday to Friday 10h – 16h

Standard lessons are 1 hour long or according to the student’s concentration level (as often is the case with very young kids). Longer lessons are possible and will be charged accordingly.

First meeting, 30 min: free. (Extend to a full hour for only 23€)
1 hour lesson at your place: 45€
1 hour lesson at my studio/Online: 40€