Highly Recommended Site for Free Guitar Lessons

Oct.19.2015|Guitar Tips, Teaching, Tutorials|


This is by far my favorite site for guitar lessons, which I highly recommend to all of my students. In it you will find tons of useful information and free video lessons that cover a wide variety of subjects like – song tutorials (especially great for beginners and intermediates), guitar techniques, picking patterns, solos, music theory and much more. All the information is very well arranged and explained and new posts are added constantly. Justin’s passion for guitar and music is very present in all his videos and it’s a pleasure for me, as a fellow teacher and musician, to see it!

So if you are interested in getting some free, very cool guitar lessons by a lovely Australian guy with a big, warm smile just visit www.justinguitar.com and enjoy :)

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What being a teacher means to me (my why)



Being a good guitar teacher is not only about being a good guitar player.

I believe that in the core of loving to teach lies the passion to learn.

Teaching puts me in a constant position of learning about guitar and music, about the people I teach and my relationship with them, and about myself.

I live with a constant hunger and excitement for knowledge and improvement, and that excitement is what drives me to be passionate about sharing my discoveries with the world. I have to craft new learning tools for each new challenge and I need to love and believe in people and their basic abilities to do whatever they set their minds on doing.

I believe that a good teacher cares for his students and inspires them to learn, gives them hope and patiently supports them in this vulnerable loop of trying and failing, and that’s what I intend to do […]

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