Besides teaching guitar
I can also cook some – mean, super spicy – Indian dishes!
And also provide other services* like:

String replacement, frets cleaning, body and neck polish…

HELP YOU FIND YOUR DREAM GEAR on the second hand market.
It’s cheaper, better, risk free and best of all, environment friendly!
I have a vast knowledge of guitars, amplifiers and effects and know the second hand market very well. I will find you the gear, make sure it’s in top condition and negotiate the price for you. You can trust me to get you the best value for your money even at low budgets!

RENT A GUITAR, AMPLIFIER OR EFFECT from my top of the line gear collection at very reasonable rates.


  • Find your sound – understand guitars, amplifiers and effects, and how they interact with each other.
  • Prepare for a show or a recording session.
  • Write songs and unleash your creativity – practical, spiritual and emotional coaching.


  • Need a pro guitar player for studio or live sessions? I’m your man!
  • Have a hit song that can use some professional guitar tracks on it?
    I will arrange and record great sounding guitar parts for your song in my personal home studio, using my top of the line guitars and equipment.

* Rates will be discussed upon inquiry.
* Students enjoy significant discount on many of the services!

Feel free to contact me for any further information (or the secret recipe of my infamous spicy dahl ;)